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The Military Air Transport Command (French: Commandement du transport aérien militaire (COTAM)) was a command of the French Air Force. It was formed in February 1962 from the Groupement d'Unités Aériennes Spécialisées and disbanded on 11 March 1994, when it became Commandement de la Force Aérienne de Projection (CFAP). Larousse Encyclopedia Online says the headquarters was at Vélizy – Villacoublay Air Base.[1]

Structure 1985

In 1985, the Air Force had four major flying commands, among which was the Military Air Transport Command.[2] CoTAM counted 28 squadrons: Ten fixed-wing transport squadrons included:

The remainder were helicopter and liaison squadrons, at least five of which were overseas, including six Escadrons de Transport Outre Mer (Overseas Transport Squadrons):

Senior leader transport

The acronym COTAM was used to designated flights carrying important French leaders:

While the acronym of the French military air command is now CFAP, the abbreviation COTAM continues to be used as a call sign of French military transport aircraft.

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