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Vorlage:Signal STANAG 4285 is specified by the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Military Agency for Standardization in "Characteristics of 1200 / 2400 / 3600 Bits per Second Single Tone Modulators / Demodulators for HF Radio Links". This data modem is very similar to MIL-STD-188-110 Serial.


STANAG 4285 has a variety of speeds and interleaving. Speeds range from 75 bps up to 3600 bps. Two interleaving modes exist: Short and Long. Short interleaving allows for faster transmission at the cost of less robustness against effects of fading. Long interleaving extends the interleaving period so that messages take longer to send, but are more robust against fading from propagation effects.

BPSK, QPSK, and 8PSK are used with STANAG 4285 for specific speeds.

Modulation Modes of STANAG 4285
Symbol Rate
User Data
Rate (bps)
Bits per Symbol
FEC Encoding
2400 Bd 2400 bps 3 (8-PSK) 2/3 Short or Long
2400 Bd 1200 bps 2 (QPSK) 1/2 Short or Long
2400 Bd 600 bps 1 (BPSK) 1/2 Short or Long
2400 Bd 300 bps 1 (BPSK) 1/4 Short or Long
2400 Bd 150 bps 1 (BPSK) 1/8 Short or Long
2400 Bd 75 bps 1 (BPSK) 1/16 Short or Long
2400 Bd 3600 bps 3 (8-PSK) None None
2400 Bd 2400 bps 2 (QPSK) None None
2400 Bd 1200 bps 1 (BPSK) None None

There are also variants of 4285, including one used in Thales Système 3000 HF Modems (e.g TRC-1752). The unique identifier of these is the existence of a special preamble at the beginning of the transmission.


<html5media>File:STANAG4285_IDLE.mp3</html5media> <html5media>File:STANAG4285_TFC.mp3</html5media> <html5media>File:STANAG_4285_8PSK_January_29_2016_5758.6kHz.mp3</html5media>
Thales Système
3000 Variant
Thales Système
3000 FEC Variant
<html5media>File:4285STNG.mp3</html5media> <html5media>File:SYS3000-FEC_STANAG_4285_FEC-VARIANT.mp3</html5media>


Found on many HF frequencies between 1.89 MHz to 22.7 MHz. Full observed frequency list can be found at Global Tuners

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STANAG 4285 is the NATO standard for HF communication. It consists of several sub modes (75-2400 bps) and two different interleaving options (short and long). The waveform consists of a 1800 Hz carrier with PSK modulation.

These STANAGs are similar in principle to MIL-STD-188-110B, but differ in some details. Most notably they lack the “auto-baud” feature and are also incompatible with the 110A waveforms.

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